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Mr. Rajneesh Bisht


With over three decades of experience in Theatre & Cinema, Mr. Rajneesh Bisht is a distinguished Theatre Person, Director, and Writer. He has made significant contributions to the industry, having worked as an actor/teacher at the renowned National School of Drama and Theatre In Education Company, and as a guest faculty at esteemed institutions including- Whistling Woods International, Aditya Mahavidyalaya (University of Delhi), British Council, Theatre Professionals (Mumbai), and Riro Acting Studio. 

Mr. Bisht has directed renowned plays such as: 

  • Toofan Mail 

  • Dhai Chal Aur 

  • Run Run Run Stall No.1 

  • Par Hume Khelna Hai- A grips play 

  • Kaun Hai Bharat Mata? Part-1,2,3 and 4 

  • Nazeer Katha Kirtan - A Musical 

  • Premchand ki Duniya 

His passion for literature shines into his directorial vision and artistic expression; some of the notable examples are mentioned above. He is someone who loses his way on a straight path, but thrives amidst chaos, creating masterpieces from tangled webs. He instils in his students a keen awareness of their roles as actors within society, emphasising the importance of understanding with diverse perspectives. 

He has also conducted workshops for notable National and International film projects, including- Manjunath, Dance of the Wind, Holy Smoke etcetera. Additionally, Mr. Bisht’s talents extend to scriptwriting for TV Shows like ‘Comedy Circus', ‘Arey Deewano Mujhe Pehchano', and ‘Dekh Video Dekh'. Through his mentorship, many of his students, including- Vicky Kaushal, Swara Bhasker, Tahir Raj Bhasin, and numerous others, have achieved remarkable success in the fields of Cinema & Theatre. 

Mr. Bisht is a versatile director, known for his expertise across various theatre genres, but his true mastery lies in the art of devising. He empowers actors by encouraging free thinking, exploration, creating an environment where creativity can flourish, he fosters a space for actors to engage in deep brainstorming sessions, allowing their ideas to flow and evolve. Additionally, Mr. Bisht imparts the significance of discipline, enabling his students to become dedicated and disciplined learners, ensuring their growth and success in the realm of theatre and beyond. 

Khel Tamasha is a beautiful journey, where artists from a diversity of social and cultural backgrounds, have come together to express their ideas, thoughts, emotions, intuitions, and desires. Our work is a celebration of our composite and secular culture.

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