What we offer.


Plays & Productions

Do you remember the horror stories, the story of fairies our grandparents used to tell us? We grew up with stories that tickle our inner child. Khel tamasha has performed a lot of stories and plays to bring out the joy and inner child back to life. We have a lot for you! Some examples are Grips play, Forum play, Street play, Classical and Historical play, Theatrical music productions, plays on personalities like Nazeer Akbarabadi, Munshi Premchand, Kabir Das etcetera. We do sound design, light design, music composition, devising plays, backstage, PR promotion and so on.
We offer our theatrical assistance in school, colleges, Universities, workplace, corporate spaces for the people to help and reach their goals and solve problems, which other mediums cannot do.


For/With Schools

Khel Tamasha organizes theater festivals and implements theater practices specifically tailored for schools and colleges, addressing a wide range of issues and themes. Notably, Khel Tamasha has collaborated with esteemed educational institutions such as Bharat National Public School (BNPS), Jaswant Modern School, The Khaitan School, and Wiz Kids International School.


Theatre Solutions

Khel Tamasha provides a variety of models tailored to the specific requirements of corporations, educational institutions (schools and colleges), workplaces, and communities. These models address crucial aspects such as teamwork, self-esteem, gender awareness, sexual harassment prevention, self and team exploration. Khel Tamasha uses a diverse range of theater techniques, including forum theatre, theatre games, exercises, and theatre projects.



‘It is not about searching for gifted ones. It is about finding ability in everyone and supporting it to flourish.’
Today we are living in a corporate world, a world of globalization, a rat race of winning, and a virtual world of social media. But is there any place to express yourself? A study by WHO says- more than 50% childrens are under stress and 25% childrens, in mild depression. Peer pressure from elders make them obedient robots.. no space for self-expression and self-exploration. All this became even worse after the pandemic. Children are born artists that’s why before they talk, they sing before they write, they draw and as soon as they stand, they dance. ... Children’s play is their first experience with drama. When they do pretend to play with dolls, by playing various characters like mother, father, uncles, aunts, chor, police, ram ravan, along with imitating teachers, parents, etcetera. This is how childrens interpret the social world. This is nature’s inbuilt method of human learning socialization. These are all dramatic devices that we use even as adults. It is a natural method of learning to understand human emotions, address issues and conflicts in ways that we have learned from society. Drama/ Theatre in Education is holistic, experimental education targeting the bodies, the voices, the minds, and the feelings of students, sometimes separately but often simultaneously. The work in a Drama class is artistic and creative; the teacher is dealing with the actuality of the student’s responses, that are not programmed and also not classifiable as ‘right or wrong’, unlike other subjects. Classes are conducted in a spirit of exploration, imagination, and inquiry rather than lecturing.
Khel Tamasha has done process-oriented workshops and projects with most prestigious schools, colleges and NGOs.

Khel Tamasha is a beautiful journey, where artists from a diversity of social and cultural backgrounds, have come together to express their ideas, thoughts, emotions, intuitions, and desires. Our work is a celebration of our composite and secular culture.

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