Team Member Detail – Khel-Tamaasha



Rapping-Petimaster of the group... known for his outstanding skills as a rhythmist. Purushottam's journey with Khel Tamasha began a decade ago, where his talent for rhythm and movement quickly became evident and perceptible. With his charming personality and impeccable comedic timing, he is a natural at clowning. Exploring new extents of physical comedy, he stretched and sharpened his talent of grasping new skills. He is a quick learner in all areas, whether percussion or acting. Having his hand in many other dimensions singing is also on the way. In addition to his skills when it comes to workshops he is vivid at conducting sessions in an engaging and captivating manner.

Khel Tamasha is a beautiful journey, where artists from a diversity of social and cultural backgrounds, have come together to express their ideas, thoughts, emotions, intuitions, and desires. Our work is a celebration of our composite and secular culture.

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